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Firearm Safety Clinic Slated

Firearms-related accidents are a tragedy whenever and wherever they occur. An upcoming firearm safety clinic will address this issue head-on by teaching youngsters how to properly handle and use firearms. The free event will be held June 24 at Black's Creek Public Rifle Range, located east of Boise on Black's Creek Road, from 8:30am to 5:00pm. One hundred percent preventable, gun accidents are nearly always the result of improper handling by inexperienced people. "The goal of the clinic is to prevent firearm-related accidents from occurring," Idaho Hunter Education Association member and clinic organizer John Rydman noted. "We have found that when youngsters properly handle and respect firearms, the risk of an accident is greatly diminished." Youngsters eight years of age and older, together with their parents, are the safety clinic's focus, but Rydman invites everyone to attend and learn more about firearms and their use. The Association will provide eye and ear protection, firearms, ammunition and targets for the event. After learning proper firearm handling techniques, participants will have the opportunity to target shoot under the watchful eye of Association members. The Association's efforts are much appreciated by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. "Members of the Association are providing a great community service," Fish and Game regional educator Evin Oneale said. "Youngsters discover that firearms are neither play toys nor something to be feared. Rather, they learn respect for firearms and their proper use. There's no telling how many firearm-related accidents this event, and others like it, will prevent." For more information regarding the firearm safety clinic, contact John Rydman at 362-5759.