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F&G's online course is the fast-track for hunter education

By completing an online course and a field day, hunters can have their certificate for this fall

For people interested in hunting this fall who have not taken a hunter education course, it’s not too late. By completing an online course and attending a mandatory field day, students can fast-track their hunter education and be ready to hunt.

Idaho Fish and Game’s online hunter education course costs $24.50, and are open to students who are at least 9 years old. The online course can be taken on almost any device — tablet, smartphone or desktop — and is self-paced. It can be completed in one sitting or a little at a time over several days. You can sign up for an online course at

After students have completed the course, they must sign up for and attend a mandatory field day.  Field days typically last four to six hours and cover wildlife identification, law and ethics. Students are also put through a field exercise before taking the Idaho hunter education test.

Most of the field day topics pertain to Idaho-specific regulations and issues that are not covered in the online course, and students also receive additional instruction on firearms safety, conservation, and wilderness survival. Many field days are held in the evenings and on weekends. Here is a schedule of upcoming field days.

Students will receive their hunter education certificate and have all the tools to be responsible, safe, ethical hunters.

“That certificate is a ticket to a lifetime of hunting opportunities and memories, both in Idaho and around the country,” said Brenda Beckley, Fish and Game hunter and angler recruitment manager. “With our online courses and field days, you still have time to fast-track your hunter education and start making those memories this fall.”