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F&G’s new Alpine Lakes webpage can help you plan a summer fishing excursion

Fish and Game recently launched its “Alpine Lake Fishing” webpage, where anglers can find all the information they need about fishing Idaho’s high mountain lakes.

Whether they’re looking for more information about where to go fishing, what kind of gear they will need, or background information about how Fish and Game biologists manage these fisheries, anglers can now find all of Fish and Game’s articles and videos about Alpine Lakes in one place on the agency’s website.

Idaho has over 3,700 alpine lakes, ranging in size from small temporary ponds to large lakes over a mile long. Not all lakes have fish, but Fish and Game stocks hundreds of trout in many of them every year, and you can find out which ones have fish, and what species reside there.

Many of these lakes are in remote mountainous backcountry areas.  Some have road access and others can be reached only by trails, or within wilderness areas that are only accessible by foot or horseback. However, some mountain lakes are also accessible using vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs.

Detailed angling guide available for high mountain lakes in the Salmon Region

Among the content available on the Alpine Lakes Fishing webpage is the “Salmon Region High Mountain Lake Angling Guide,” which was put together by fisheries staff in the Salmon Region and published in 2020.

While the guide goes into detail on 55 mountain lake fisheries in the Salmon Region, it also contains information that is pertinent to any prospective alpine lake angler.

A digital version of the guide can be downloaded from the Alpine Lakes Fishing webpage, and print copies are available at Fish and Game’s Salmon Region office.

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