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Eagle angler lands new catch-and-release state record black crappie

Black crappie record returns to Southern Idaho

Black Crappie Jon Urban
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Jon Urban for IDFG

Jon Urban shows off a 17-inch Black Crappie that landed him a new catch/release record!

Congratulations to Jon Urban of Eagle on a new catch/release record black crappie from Crane Creek Reservoir. Urban was fishing the reservoir on July 26, when he landed the 17-inch lunker panfish. After a quick measurement and photo, Jon released the fish to fight another day. 

Crane Creek Reservoir has a history of producing big crappie. The reservoir currently holds the certified weight record white crappie (3.8 pounds, 17.5 inches) caught by Trenten Smith in 2012. Urban's record moves the black crappie catch/release record back to southern Idaho, after several previous records were caught in Idaho's panhandle. 

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