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Idaho Fish and Game

Domestic Animals - Stay Home!

The MK Nature Center offers an urban haven to many different types of wild animals. Mule deer, raccoons, mink, and great blue herons are just some of the species that find food and shelter at the site. Recently, however, some not so wild animals have been making an appearance. Turtles, cats, kittens, and even dogs have turned up unannounced at the center, abandoned by owners who no longer want to take care of them. "The Nature Center does not provide a substitute home for animals whose owners no longer want them," nature center superintendent Terry Thompson noted. "We're asking that some pet owners take a more responsible attitude toward their animals." In some cases, the domestic pets have simply escaped or lost their way. "Identification tags aid us in contacting the owners of animals which may need a little help finding their way home," Thompson said. "On the other hand, some people believe it is acceptable to drop their untagged pets off and let us take care of them. We simply can't do that." "Domestic animals found without tags at the center will continue to be live-trapped and transported to the Idaho Humane Society," Thompson noted.