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Discount for second general season elk tag ends Wednesday

August 31 is the last day for hunters to purchase a second general season elk tag at a discounted price.

Through August only, resident and nonresident hunters can buy remaining nonresident general season elk tags to be used as second tags for the discounted price of $299 (plus $1.75 vendor fee). Starting September 1, nonresident elk tags will be available as second tags at the regular price of $416. 

Second deer tags are also available but will not be discounted due to high demand.  The price for a second deer tag is $300.00 (plus $1.75 vendor fee) while supplies last.

Second tags are sold on a first come, first served basis and are available until the nonresident tag quotas are reached. 

Fish and Game has temporarily discontinued online tag sales because of the potential breach of the online computer license sales system.  Tags can be purchased at over 400 license vendors statewide and at Fish and Game offices.  Any mailed applications for second tag purchases must be postmarked by August 31.     

More information about second tags can be found at: