Press Release

Controlled hunt drawing results available for deer, elk, pronghorn and fall bear and turkey

Tags must be bought by Aug. 1 or they will be forfeited

Results of the deer, elk, pronghorn, fall black bear and turkey controlled hunt drawings are available online and applicants who provided an email address will receive notification of their draw results. Hunters who drew a controlled hunt must purchase the tag by Aug. 1 or it will be forfeited. 

Postcards will be mailed to successful applicants only by July 10, but applicants are responsible to check if they were drawn and purchase their tags. People without an online license system account can get step-by-step instructions on the Controlled Hunt Results web page.

All unclaimed controlled hunt tags, along with tags no one applied for, will be available in a second drawing, with the application period running from from Aug. 5 through Aug. 15. Successful applicants for the second drawing will be notified by Aug. 25.

After the second drawing, any leftover tags will be sold first-come, first-served beginning Aug. 26 at 10 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time.

Reminder to resident elk hunters: Resident hunters who applied for a controlled elk hunt must now wait five days after resident elk tags become available to purchase a capped elk zone tag.

No luck in the controlled hunt draw? You can still apply for a Super Hunt

Hunters can still apply for Super Hunt tags, which include deer, elk, pronghorn and moose. Anyone who draws a Super Hunt tag can hunt in any open hunt area for the species drawn, including general and controlled hunts.

  • Entries are $6 each for a single species and $20 for a Super Hunt combo that includes one tag for each species. 
  • Deadline for entries is Aug. 10.
  • Two elk, two deer, two pronghorn and one moose hunt will be drawn.
  • One Super Hunt Combo will also be drawn, which includes one tag for each species.
  • Winners will be notified by Aug. 15.

Here's more information about Super Hunts.