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Chukar Hunters Urged To Catch The Drift

LEWISTON - With chukar hunting season already in progress, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game reminds hunters who hunt from boats that they need to follow regulations specific to the use of watercraft. The use of watercraft to hunt birds, namely chukar and waterfowl, is popular in the Clearwater Region. Unfortunately, some hunters do not understand the restrictions involved. According to Dave Cadwallader, Regional Conservation Officer in Lewiston, a boat is a motorized vehicle and shooting from one while still in progress is illegal. "Progress created by the motor needs to have ceased," he said. "Forward progress is not ceased until the boat is at a natural dead drift, moving at the same speed as the river current." While this law has been effect for years, unfortunately, a few hunters still fire from boats still under power, or coasting rapidly just after shutting the motor off.