Press Release

Chinook ‘Jacks’ coming to the Boise River

Chinook salmon, Boise River, fishing
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Photo by Roger Phillips/Idaho Fish and Game
A second round of Chinook salmon will arrive in the Boise River on Friday, July 1, just in time for the holiday weekend.  


Idaho Fish and Game expects to release around 150 jack salmon sometime after noon at the Glenwood, West Parkcenter, Barber Park and Americana release sites. 

There is no parking available at the Americana release site due to construction and space limitations.  Anglers need to park at Ann Morrison Park or other areas. 

“This will make for some great fishing, as jacks are very feisty and make excellent table fare,” said Sam Sharr, Fish and Game Anadromous Fisheries Coordinator.   

Besides a fishing license, anglers need a salmon permit.  Anglers are allowed to keep two Chinook salmon per day, regardless of size.  The possession limit is six salmon, regardless of size. Jack salmon - those less than 24 inches - do not need to be carded but count towards the angler’s daily bag limit. Adult salmon - those 24 inches or longer - must be recorded on an angler's salmon permit.  Anglers are allowed to harvest 20 adult Chinook salmon statewide during 2016 salmon seasons occurring prior to September 1.

The Boise River is open to fishing for Chinook salmon through August 30. Fish and Game hopes to make an additional release of jacks and adults in the next few weeks, but any future stocking will be contingent upon excess fish trapped at hatcheries and fish being available for release.       

Fishing hours for Chinook salmon on the Boise River is permitted 24 hours per day and barbless hooks are not required. 

With the Boise River floating season now open, both anglers and floaters are encouraged to be courteous and respect each other.