Press Release

Bear Baiting Rules Changed

At the recent Fish and Game Commission meeting in Boise, there was a unanimous decision to reduce the distance required between bear bait and water. In the past, it was set by rule at 200 yards. The commission reduced that distance to 200 feet.

The reason for the change is that in many parts of the state, Fish and Game is encouraging increased harvest of black bears. Commissioner Alex Irby pointed out that in Northern Idaho during the spring hunt, it is often nearly impossible to be 200 yards from water, especially when the definition could include snow runoff or temporary streams. The amended rule reads "No bait site may be located within 200 feet of any water (lake, pond, reservoir, year-round springs and year-round streams) or within 200 yards of any maintained trail or road." The trail and road section did not change. The change is effectively immediately.