Press Release

Bats get their due as important wildlife species Oct. 24-31

Governor's proclamation recognizes the value of Idaho's bat population

Don’t expect a spotlight in the sky over Gotham City, but do expect furry, flying critters to get their due respect Oct. 24-31 as it’s proclaimed National Bat Week in Idaho by proclamation of Gov. Butch Otter. 

“Bats provide important biological services that contribute substantially to the economy of the United States by protecting American forests and agriculture from destructive insects and by providing the fundamental benefit of pollination,” the proclamation reads. 

Recently, bat populations have suffered losses from white-nose syndrome and other factors that require attention to ensure the sustainability of food production and protect environmental and human health. 

“It is critically important to continue federal and state efforts, including development of new public-private partnerships and increasing citizen engagement to promote the health of bat populations, increase the quality and quantity of bat roosting and foraging habitat, and help restore bat populations to healthy levels,” the proclamation reads. 

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