Press Release

Aug. 1 deadline to buy controlled hunt tags is fast approaching

Hunters can check online or at vendors to see if they drew a tag

Hunters who applied for controlled hunt tags for deer, elk, pronghorn, black bear and turkey can check if they drew through Fish and Game's licensing system at if they already have an account. 

Those without an online license system account can get step-by-step instructions on the Controlled Hunt Results web page. Hunter can also check their results and buy tags at Fish and Game offices, at any license vendors, or by calling (800) 554-8685. 

The drawing was a little later than in recent years and postcards have been mailed to successful applicants, but people have less time before the deadline than in the past. Hunters who drew a tag do not have to show a postcard to buy it. 

It is applicant's responsibility to see if they drew a tag, and to purchase it by the Aug. 1. All controlled hunt tags that are not purchased by the Aug. 1 deadline will be forfeited and offered in the second drawing. 


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