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Audit of Fish and Game Licensing Contract Released

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission, and the Department of Fish and Game, on June 12 reviewed results of an audit by the state Office of Performance Evaluation of the agency's automated licensing system. The audit was presented at a meeting of the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee. While critical of the original method of acquisition of the licensing system, the audit team found the current contract "largely adequate." The initial contract, signed with GTECH in 1995, was determined to not be in compliance with state purchasing rules. An Attorney General's opinion disagrees with that and further legal analysis is being done. "Although neither the Commission nor I were involved in the original purchase, the important point that comes from this report," said Fish and Game Director Rod Sando, "is that there is no suggestion of improper payments or monetary loss to Idaho sportsmen." The Commission and Director agreed that a more thorough review of the payment process and documentation was needed, and would be implemented. The audit found that in most instances, only one person reviewed the GTECH billings, and the invoices often did not contain enough documentation to validate the amount paid. Auditors suggested a more defined system of purchase orders, receipts verifying delivery of services, and approval by the proper authority. Fish and Game will address these practices, according to Sando.