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Ask Fish and Game: Stopping at check stations

Q: Do I need to stop at a check station even if I'm unsuccessful?

A: Yes. Idaho Code requires that "all anglers, hunters or trappers must stop and report at a wildlife check station encountered on his route of travel." This includes those with or without game. All those who are fishing, hunting or trapping that day, or are returning from an overnight outing, are required to stop and follow directions of the road-side signs. Those with fish or game are also required by law to produce all wildlife in possession for inspection.

At a check station, you will be asked a series of questions about how many occupants of the vehicle were fishing, hunting or trapping, which hunt unit they were in, and how many animals of which species have been harvested. All of the information collected, including information on unsuccessful trips, is recorded and compared with information from prior seasons. This information serves both as an immediate measure of how the season is going and is used, in part, to help determine final season success and harvest figures.