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Ask Fish and Game: Depredation Hunts

Q. How do I get to participate in a depredation hunt this year? A. Hunters can sign up to participate in depredation hunts - special controlled hunts used to relieve big game damage problems on agricultural crops - for deer, elk and pronghorn in areas they are willing to hunt in 2012 when the Big Game Seasons and Rules books come out in April. They may apply only once each year for deer, once for elk, and once for pronghorn. Applications received before June 30 are placed in random order. Applications received after June 30 are placed at the end of the list in the order received, and generally have little chance of being selected. Most regions issue only a handful of depredation permits each year. Contact the regional Fish and Game offices in the areas you want to hunt. Applications will be available online and in the 2012 Big Game Seasons and Rules book; or contact the nearest Fish and Game office.