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Ask Fish and Game

Q. What license or permit do I need to fish for steelhead? I don't think my fishing rules book has the price right. A. You are correct, the prices in the book are wrong. It was printed late last year, prior to the fee increases approved by the Legislature in the spring. It was reprinted in July, and the prices in the front of the book were updated, but on the steelhead page (14) a list of the old prices was overlooked. You need a fishing license and a $11.50 steelhead permit. The permit can't be used with a one-day license. If you are a nonresident, you can get a three-day permit that includes a general fishing license for $28.50. Kids under 14 don't need a permit if they fish with someone who has one and record their harvest on that person's permit. Residents under 14 can buy a permit and have their own limit. Steelhead fishing is really heating up, and you can get weekly catch rates and river conditions on the Fish and Game website under "What's New."