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July 2022

Ain’t No Mountain (Stream) High Enough: A guide to finding the perfect backcountry creekside fishing camp

It doesn’t matter how small or narrow a creek is. Chances are, there are fish to be caught and memories to be made. If you’re new to the concept of seeking out new mountain streams this summer, here are a few pointers to help find the perfect backcountry creekside fishing camp.

Fish salvage order issued for the Big Wood River below Magic Dam and Richfield Canal diversion

The Big Wood Canal Company recently notified Fish and Game that they would soon close the gates at Magic Dam leading to substantial flow reductions or cessation of flow which functionally de-waters the Big Wood River approximately 1.25 miles below the dam and the Richfield Canal. The gates are closing earlier than normal due to ongoing regional drought conditions in the Big Wood River basin.

Effective July 28, 2022 and continuing until October 1, 2022, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission has ordered that bag and possession limits be removed on portions of the Big Wood River below the dam, from a point beginning at the railroad trestle, approximately 1.25 miles downstream of the dam, extending to the State Highway 75 Bridge. The order also includes the Richfield Canal from the upstream point of diversion from the Big Wood River to its confluence with the Little Wood River near Richfield, Idaho. 

The fish salvage order does not include the reservoir waters behind Magic Dam.

The Big Wood River immediately below Magic Dam extending down to the railroad trestle (roughly 1.25 miles below) is not included in the salvage order since the river has several springs that provide enough water to support fish populations.

Anglers are reminded that some areas of the Richfield Canal may be on private property. Permission must be obtained from the private landowner prior to fishing in these areas. 

A valid 2022 fishing license is required to salvage fish. 

Fish may be taken by any method, except by firearms, explosives, chemicals or electric current effective July 28, 2022 through October 1, 2022.   

If you have questions contact the Magic Valley Regional Office at (208) 324-4359. 

Another state record falls with monster catfish from C.J. Strike Reservoir

At 42.5 inches long, Paul Newman's lunker channel catfish easily surpassed the previous  record of 33 inches set by Reed Monson at Lake Lowell back in 2020. Editor's note: This story has been updated with new information regarding the species of this fish. 

Aug. 1 deadline to buy controlled hunt tags is fast approaching

The deadline to purchase controlled hunt tags is Aug. 1 at 11:59 p.m. MDT. Hunters who applied for controlled hunt tags for deer, elk, pronghorn, fall black bear and fall turkey can check their draw status through Fish and Game's licensing system if they already have an account.

F&G euthanizes sow black bear in Ketchum after second incident of an aggressive bear raiding garbage

Idaho Fish and Game personnel and local law enforcement responded to an aggressive bear in a Ketchum neighborhood, which resulted in a sow being euthanized and two cubs captured. The cubs will be taken to Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary in McCall for rehabilitation.

Early morning on July 18, Fish and Game staff received a call about a bear that was rooting in garbage cans and then growled and snapped at a resident. The incident occurred roughly a block from another another bear/garbage incident that occurred a week before where a bear eating garbage charged a Ketchum woman.

Fish and Game officials suspect, but can not confirm, that it was the same bear in both incidents.

When Fish and Game staff arrived, a large, sow black bear was in a tree with two cubs. The adult bear was darted to sedate it, but after falling from the tree, the bear died from a combination of stress and effects from the sedation and capture. However, Fish and Game staff had planned to euthanize the bear.

“Due to her aggressiveness toward people, we could not in good conscience release her and have her end up in someone else’s home or camp,” Magic Valley Regional Wildlife Manager Mike McDonald said.

He added it was an unfortunate situation all the way around because despite repeated warnings, trash cans have repeatedly been left out overnight in the area, which attracts bears and causes a risk to public safety.

This is the second case in July of black bears being euthanized after getting into trash. On July 14, Fish and Game staff captured and euthanized a young male black bear at Stoddard Creek Campground in Eastern Idaho after it had raided garbage left out by careless campers. The food-conditioned bear showed no fear of humans, and it repeatedly ripped open coolers and pushed on tents in search of food.

Chinook fishing season will end on the South Fork of the Salmon River on July 21

Idaho Fish and Game will close Chinook salmon fishing on the South Fork of the Salmon River at the end of fishing hours on Thursday, July 21. The sport fishing share of the harvest will have been reached by that time. Anglers can see what areas remain open for fishing by checking the Chinook Salmon Seasons and Rules webpage. 

Video: F&G Southwest Region staff rescue tangled-up heron at Wilson Springs Ponds

On Thursday, July 14, Idaho Fish and Game received a report of a heron that was tangled up in fishing line at Wilson Springs Ponds in Nampa. Regional Wildlife Manager Ryan Walrath and  Conservation Officer Matt O'Connell responded and were able to free the bird and release it safely nearby.

Food-conditioned black bear euthanized at Stoddard Creek Campground

On July 14, Fish and Game captured and euthanized a young male black bear at Stoddard Creek Campground after it had received multiple food rewards from garbage left out by careless campers. The food-conditioned bear showed no fear of humans and repeatedly ripped open coolers and pushed on tents in search of food, posing a human safety risk.

Wolf trapper education class offered in Salmon

A wolf trapper education class will be offered in Salmon on Saturday August 6, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Idaho Fish and Game office.

Wolf trapper education classes are in high demand in our area and are usually taught just a few times a year - so if you need a class, sign up now!

Here’s what you need to know if you wish to take a class: