Press Release

April 2021

Magic Valley Region rainbow trout stocking schedule for May 2021

Hatchery personnel from Fish and Game’s Magic Valley Region will be stocking approximately 61,050 10-12” catchable-sized rainbow trout in May. All stocking dates and numbers of fish are approximate and may change without notice due to water or weather conditions.

For maps of these fishing locations and other angling destinations in Idaho please visit the Idaho Fish Planner.


Body of Water

Week to be Stocked

Southwest Region Rainbow Trout Stocking Schedule - May

Personnel from Fish and Game's McCall and Nampa Hatcheries will be releasing
more than 177,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout at the following locations during May.

LOCATION                                          WEEK STOCKED                         NUMBER OF TROUT

Browns Pond (McCall)                            May 10                                               1,500

Cascade Reservoir                                   May 24                                             87,650

Dick Knox Pond (Emmett)                      May 10                                                 800

Duff Lane Pond (Middleton)                   May 3                                                   275

Eagle Island Park Pond                           May 3                                                   450

Eds Pond (Emmett)                                 May 17                                                 200

Esthers Pond (Boise)                              May 17                                                 700

Fischer Pond (Cascade)                         May 17                                                 750

Grimes Creek (Idaho City)                      May 17                                               1,600

Heroes Park Pond (Meridian)                May 3, 17                                           75/75

Herrick Reservoir (Cascade)                 May 10                                                1,500

Horsethief Reservoir (Cascade)           May 17, 24                                 12,000/23,000

Indian Creek (Caldwell)                          May 3                                                    250

Indian Creek (Kuna)                               May 10                                                   250

Fish and Game to resume Little Camas elk trapping project

Fish and Game staff from the Magic Valley Region will again attempt to trap and translocate elk in the Little Camas region over a two-day period in early May. Trapping efforts are aimed at reducing the size of the elk herd that has a long history of living almost exclusively on private property and depredating on agricultural crops leading to significant and expensive depredation claims.

This same herd of elk was targeted for trapping in the fall of 2020 when 16 elk, cows and calves, were trapped and translocated into central Idaho.

F&G tagging smallmouth bass in Lake Pend Oreille to evaluate catch and harvest rates

Panhandle fishery biologists want to better understand what proportion of smallmouth bass are caught and released or harvested.This study is dependent on anglers reporting the date and general location where they catch each tagged fish, whether the fish was harvested or released, and the length of the fish. 

Turkey hunting clinic at LCWC range and hunt at Garden Creek Ranch along Snake River provided a unique experience for youth

Youth turkey hunters gathered with excitement on Wed. April 7th at the Lewis-Clark gun range near Lapwai. Nine youth, ages 8-12 registered on a first-come, first-serve basis for a once- a-lifetime opportunity to get a jet boat ride into the Garden Creek Ranch facility to hunt turkeys along the Snake River in Hells Canyon.

The opportunity kicked off with the clinic portion of the event on Wed night. Youth practiced their shotgun shooting skills using turkey targets and learned about turkey biology, calling techniques, and turkey hunting safety. Participants even had a chance to try wild turkey cooked various ways. A sampler of wild turkey sausage meatballs, breaded turkey nuggets & shredded wild turkey leg carnitas, were made available for both participants and their parents to try. Idaho Fish and Game staff wrapped up the evening with providing an overview of the details of the turkey hunt that would take place the opening weekend of the youth season on April 10 & 11.