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September 2020

Pheasant stocking expanded to Boundary-Smith Creek and Coeur d'Alene River WMAs

Fish and Game has expanded the pheasant stocking program on Wildlife Management Areas to include the Boundary-Smith Creek and the Coeur d’Alene River-Strobel and Lane Marsh Parcels in the Panhandle Region. Staff will release farm-raised male pheasants starting the week of Sept. 27.

Hatchery highlights for October: Notable fish stockings around the state

With so many fish stocked in so many places, it can be hard for anglers to sift through the stocking forecasts and records to identify noteworthy stocking events. To make it easier, Fish and Game hatchery staff have highlighted some stocking events for the month of October. Here's what they came up with:

Southwest Region Rainbow Trout Stocking Schedule - October

Personnel from Fish and Game's Nampa Hatchery will be releasing more than 41,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout at the following locations during October. Local ponds are the primary focus of this stocking effort due to milder weather and correspondingly cooler water temperatures.

Magic Valley Region rainbow trout stocking schedule for October 2020

Hatchery personnel from Fish and Game’s Magic Valley Region will be stocking approximately 31,500 10-12” catchable-sized rainbow trout in October. All stocking dates and numbers of fish are approximate and may change without notice due to water or weather conditions.


Body of Water

Week to be Stocked

Number to be Stocked

Lake Walcott

Know Idaho's trespassing laws before you go hunting or fishing

Hunters, anglers and other sportsmen and women should be aware of Idaho trespass laws before they head into the field. Trespass laws changed in 2018, and here are some basic things to remember: 

  • You need permission to be on private land. 
  • It’s the responsibility of the hunter/angler to know if they’re on private land. 
  • The laws affecting how landowners must post their property changed in recent years. 
  • Fines have been stiffened for trespass violations. 

“Trespass laws changed in 2018, but the core philosophies have not,” said Idaho Fish and Game’s Enforcement Bureau Chief Greg Wooten. “It’s still the sportsman’s responsibility to know when they’re on private property and obtain permission to be there.” 

Hunters, anglers, trappers and other people should know that land is private and they are not allowed without permission if: 

The property is associated with a residence or business; 

  • Or cultivated; 
  • Or fenced or enclosed in a way that delineates the private property; 
  • Or unfenced and uncultivated but is posted with conspicuous “no trespassing’ signs or bright orange/ fluorescent paint at all property corners and boundaries where the property intersects navigable streams, roads, gates and rights-of-way entering the land and posted in a way that people can see the postings. 

Note: if private property adjoins or is contained within public lands, the fence line adjacent to public land should be posted with “no trespassing signs” or bright orange or fluorescent paint at the corners of the fence adjoining public land and at all navigable streams, roads, gates and rights-of-way entering the private land from public land and posted in a way that people can see the postings.

F&G asks deer hunters to provide harvested animals for chronic wasting disease testing

Idaho Fish and Game is asking hunters to help provide samples from deer so they can be tested for chronic wasting disease, particularly deer taken in hunting units bordering, or near, the states of Montana, Utah and Wyoming.

Salmon Region waters to be stocked with trout in early October

Idaho Department of Fish and Game will stock 1,400 rainbow trout in the 10-12 inch range at three area waters in early October.

Location, Week Stocked, Number of Trout

  • Hayden Creek Pond, Oct 5-9, 600
  • Hyde Creek Pond, Oct 5-9, 400
  • Kids Creek Pond, Oct 5-9, 400

The stocking date and numbers of fish are approximate and may change without notice due to water or weather conditions. If delays occur, trout will be released when conditions become favorable.

Anglers can find more detailed information on each of these waters, including maps, facilities, species present, stocking records, and fishing rules by visiting the Fishing Planner on Fish and Game’s website.

Reptiles surrendered by Idaho Falls resident

Fish and Game officers recently took possession of several exotic reptiles from an Idaho Falls area residence. This is the second investigation of its type to occur this September following the seizure of several dozen venomous snakes from a Boise home earlier in the month.

The owner of the reptiles voluntarily surrendered eight specimens from his possession that were not properly permitted. The reptiles taken from the home included a 7 foot alligator, 2 caiman, 2 snapping turtles, 2 rubber boas and a Gila monster.

Creative Commons Licence
James Brower Idaho Fish and Game

Due to the full cooperation of the owner and his willingness to voluntary surrender the animals, several written warnings were issued but the owner did not receive any citations. 

Fish and Game treats Heagle Pond in Hailey killing thousands of invasive goldfish

In the spring of 2020 Fish and Game received reports of goldfish swimming in Heagle Pond adjacent to Lawrence Heagle Park in Hailey. This week, fisheries biologists with Fish and Game treated Heagle Pond with rotenone, a natural plant-based substance that is toxic to fish. Immediately following the rotenone, thousands of goldfish and other fish species were collected from the pond. The rotenone will degrade naturally over the next few weeks. The pond, which currently is fenced off and signed to keep people and pets safe, will continue to be monitored by Fish and Game and any additional dead fish will be collected and disposed of at a certified disposal facility.

Kirtley Creek and Pahsimeroi River access areas added to IDFG’s expanded pheasant stocking locations

Hunters should be excited that starting in early October, pheasants will be stocked at the Kirtley Creek Access Yes property, a privately-owned site near Salmon, and the Pahsimeroi River Access Area near May.

“These stockings are new to our area, so we hope hunters get out and try their luck,” said Bret Stansberry, wildlife biologist based in Salmon. “Hunting pheasants can be thrilling, especially when you get into birds – so these new properties should be great places to go.”

Creative Commons Licence
Mike Demick - IDFG

Stockings will occur weekly during the youth-only season that runs October 3-9, and for the general season that runs October 17-November 30.  Hunting rules for the two new stocking areas fall under the same rules as Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) where pheasants have been stocked in the past. These rules include: