Press Release

August 2020

Cow elk shot and left to waste near Howe

Conservation Officers with the Idaho Fish and Game are seeking information from the public regarding a cow elk that was shot and left to waste south of Howe, Idaho in Unit 63. The elk was discovered near a well-used but unnamed road often referred to as the INL half mile road . Based on forensic evidence officers estimate the elk to have been shot on August 9th or 10th. 

A nearby gut pile suggests that two elk were likely shot at the same time with only one being removed. "The elk was very close to the road and would have been very easy to find and retrieve," says Conservation Officer Joe Heald. "With all the people using this road right now, I would be surprised if someone didn't see this happen or know something about it." 

Fish and Game is asking anyone with information in this case to help us with the investigation by calling the Citizens Against Poaching Hotline at 1-800-632-5999 or Conservation Officer Joe Heald 208-993-0429. Callers can remain anonymous and a reward is available for information that leads to a citation.

F&G launches new website aimed at helping new hunters find success

Idaho Fish and Game has launched a new website,, to help new hunters learn an Idaho tradition that helps people provide their own food, as well as family recreation.

“For new hunters, getting started in the sport can be intimidating. From firearm safety, seasons and rules, where to find game, and processing meat – it’s a lot to take in,” said Ian Malepeai, marketing manager at Fish and Game. “This website is a sort of one-stop-shop where new hunters can easily find all information they need.”

A large portion of the website is focused on upland hunting, which is a beginner-friendly activity and a gateway to becoming a life-long hunter. The website also include resources for big game, turkey and waterfowl.

Fish and Game’s research shows that 39 percent of Idaho residents are interested in hunting, and of that group, 34 percent of those interested have never hunted before. Historically, hunting has been a tradition passed down through family mentors, but Malepeai said not all people interested in learning to hunt come from families with hunters.
“While we know we cannot replace family mentors, our hope is to be a surrogate mentor and provide as much information as we can to set new hunters up for success,” he said. “We know that there is a demand, and we are really trying to reach this audience and provide this new resource.”

With a growing population, and with a recent influx of new hunter education graduates, the new website also comes at an opportune time for a group of hunters who will likely be hunting in Idaho for the first time this fall.

F&G conservation officer helps wrangle alligator in Nampa

For Idaho Fish and Game conservation officers, encounters with bears, mountain lions, elk, deer and moose are just part of the job description. Alligators? Not so much — but a Fish and Game conservation officer recently assisted Nampa Police officers with capturing a gator at a home in Nampa.

Deer Creek motorized closure in unit 10A north of Pierce now in effect

Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) in cooperation with Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) and PotlatchDeltic Corporation recently revisited a long-standing agreement for a motorized closure surrounding the Deer Creek Reservoir in game management unit 10A north of Pierce, ID. Approximately 4,820 acres are included in the road closure agreement originally signed in the late 1980’s.

Firewood sale underway on Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area

We are pleased to inform the public that in coordination with Bureau of Land Management, Idaho Department of Lands and Idaho Department of Fish and Game we will be issuing firewood collection permits for personal use. Each agency will issue permits at their offices for their respective property. Contact information has been provided below for each agency. It is the responsibility of the permittee to ensure they have the correct permit for where they are cutting firewood. Permits and maps for IDFG property are available at the front desk of the IDFG Regional Office in Lewiston. The IDFG permit is good for up to 5 cords at $10/cord. All permits expire on September 30, 2020. This includes permits issued by IDL and BLM.

For more information, please call:

Idaho Department of Lands                                                                                                                                               Craigmont Office: (208) 924-5571

Bureau of Land Management                                                                                                                                             Cottonwood Office: (208) 962-3245

Idaho Department of Fish and Game                                                                                                                                Lewiston Office: (208) 799-5010

F&G's online courses are only option for hunter and bowhunter education

Beginning hunters interested in hunting this fall who have not taken a hunter education or a bowhunter education course are reminded that instructor-led courses are not being offered due to COVID concerns. But not to worry, completing an online course will allow students to receive their certification, purchase their license, and hunt this fall.

Earlier this spring, the in-person field day requirement for hunter education was temporarily waived, allowing Fish and Game to follow health recommendation for social distancing while still providing necessary instruction and certification of beginning hunters.

According to Idaho Fish and Game’s Hunter Education Manager Brenda Beckley, “The public safety of our instructors, staff, and students are our primary concerns. We have seen an increased interest in our classes, and want to maintain a path for the public to gain certification.”

Both courses can be taken on almost any device — tablet, smartphone or desktop — and are self-paced. The courses can be completed in one sitting or a little at a time over several days. Both courses are for students who are at least 9 years old.

The online hunter education course costs $24.50, and. For more information and to sign up for this course, visit

The online bowhunter education course costs $30.00, and is for those looking to purchase an archery-only permit in Idaho or if they are a first-time bowhunter. Students receive certification without attending a field day. For more information and to sign up for this course, visit

Eagle angler lands new catch-and-release state record black crappie

Congratulations to Jon Urban of Eagle on a new catch/release record black crappie from Crane Creek Reservoir. Urban was fishing the reservoir on July 26, when he landed the 17-inch lunker panfish. After a quick measurement and photo, Jon released the fish to fight another day. 

Food-conditioned black bear euthanized in East Fork canyon near Hailey

To protect public safety and private property Fish and Game had to euthanize a juvenile black bear on Monday August 3 that had become food-conditioned to residential garbage, bird feed, and honey from beehives. Reports of a bear getting into residential garbage in the East Fork area had been received by Fish and Game for the last several weeks. Over this time, the bear quickly learned that residential garbage and bird food is readily available, especially when natural food might be in short supply due to very dry conditions in south-central Idaho.

Conservation officers who investigated the reports observed residential garbage containers stored outside of homes and often left at curbside the day prior to pick-up, and bird feeders hanging around homes. A large number of beehives were also observed.