Press Release

February 2020

Hayden and Kid’s Creek ponds to be stocked mid-March

As the weather gets warmer and spring approaches, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game will stock 950 rainbow trout in the 10-12 inch range the week of March 16-20 at the following locations:

Hayden Creek Pond – 650 trout. This is a family friendly fishing area along Hayden Creek southeast of Salmon. Anglers will find ample bank fishing opportunities and a dock for anglers with limited mobility.

Kids Creek Pond – 300 trout. Located near downtown Salmon, this small fishing pond offers good trout fishing and is regularly stocked spring through fall.

The number of trout actually released may be altered by weather, water conditions, equipment problems or schedule changes. If delays occur, trout will be released when conditions become favorable.

Anglers can find more detailed information on each of these waters, including maps, facilities, species present, stocking records, and fishing rules by visiting the Idaho Fishing Planner

Concerned citizens report an increased number of dogs chasing deer in the Clearwater Region

Dogs chasing deer is becoming a common call in the Clearwater Region lately. Concerned citizens reported a spike in dogs chasing deer numbers in the Kamiah, Kooskia and Grangeville areas. Deer are being chased, injured and at times eaten alive by dogs running at large.

Pet owners have a duty to monitor and keep their dogs under control both inside and outside city limits. Deer and other big game animals must expend precious energy reserves to avoid harassment by dogs. The deer are cold and struggling to survive the remainder of the winter while dogs are full of energy ready to run. This is a problem that can be prevented. Dog owners are urged to keep track of dogs, and train them to not chase or harass wildlife. 

It is against Idaho Code for dogs to track, pursue, harass, attack, injure or kill big game, unless otherwise allowed under Idaho Code.  An example of this would be the lawful use of hounds for bear or lion hunting. 

Any peace officer, or other person authorized to enforce laws, may destroy the offending animal. In addition, the animal’s owner may receive a criminal citation.

If a private individual were to kill a dog at large it could carry criminal or civil liability. An exception to this is if an animal is actively harassing livestock or threatening a person. In those cases, a private citizen may destroy the animal, but should report the incident to authorities so they can contact the animal’s owner.

To report an incident, you may contact your local IDFG Conservation Officer or local Sheriff’s office. They will need to know information such as the date/time the incident occurred, where it occurred, a detailed description of the animals and who the animals belong to. If witnesses can get a photo or video of the act that is also very helpful, as the reporting party may need to sign a citation if the officer does not witness the act.

Southwest Region Rainbow Trout Stocking Schedule - March

Personnel from Fish and Game's Nampa Hatchery will be releasing more than 20,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout at the following locations during March.

Location           Week Stocked           Number of Trout

Boise River – Barber Dam to Glenwood      March 9      1,440

Boise River – Eagle Rd. to Middleton       March 2      1,440

Crane Falls Reservoir (Bruneau)      March 23      1,200

Duff Lane Pond (Middleton)      March 2      225

Eagle Island Park Pond      March 16      450


Eds Pond (Emmett)      March 16      200

Esthers Pond (Boise)      March 23      1,300

Indian Creek (Caldwell)      March 2      200

Indian Creek (Kuna)      March 16      300

Kleiner Pond (Meridian)      March 2      1,800


Legacy Park Pond (Mt. Home)      March 16      350

Mariposa Pond (Boise)      March 9, 23      125/125

Marsing Pond           March 2      550

McDevitt Pond (Boise)      March 2, 23      450/450

Merrill Pond (Eagle)      March 16      250


Mill Pond (Horseshoe Bend)      March 16      450

Nicholson Pond (Kuna)      March 2      500

Parkcenter Pond (Boise)      March 16      750

Payette River Pond      March 16      450

Riverside Pond (Garden City)      March 9, 23      450/450


Rotary Pond (Caldwell)      March 2      1,000

Sawyers Pond (Emmett)      March 2      1,800

Settlers Pond (Meridian)      March 2      350

Weiser Community Pond      March 16      500

Williams Pond (Boise)      March 16      450


Wilson Ponds (Nampa)      March 2, 9, 16, 23      450/450/450/450

Wilson Springs (Nampa)      March 2, 16      250/250


Harvest, hunter numbers down for deer and elk in 2019

Hunters took fewer mule deer, white-tailed deer and elk in 2019 compared to 2018.

The 2019 statewide elk harvest and deer harvests were down about 8 percent and 13 percent from the prior year. The number of deer hunters in Idaho was also down by 5.5 percent from the prior year, while the number of elk hunters remained fairly consistent (down by about 1.5 percent). Success rates dropped slightly for hunters pursuing each species.

Contributing to the drop in harvest, there were about 4,200 fewer mule deer hunters and 3,500 fewer whitetail hunters statewide in 2019 compared with 2018.

“Hunting isn’t unlike fishing — when it’s good, everyone goes,” Fish and Game's Deer and Elk Program Coordinator Daryl Meints said. “When things get tougher, you see the participation drop.”

The white-tailed deer harvest and mule deer harvest were both below their respective 10-year averages, while elk harvest was slightly above.

Spring fishing kicks off March 1 at F&G's Hagerman Wildlife Management Area

Idaho Fish and Game's Hagerman Wildlife Management Area opens for fishing March 1, and there will be plenty of trout available for anglers on opening day.

According to Hagerman hatchery manager Joe Chapman, Fish and Game will stock 4,350 catchable-sized trout in the various ponds on the WMA prior to the opener. That number will include some of Hagerman’s famed “banana trout.”

Fish and Game to host Hunter-Angler Chili open houses in Salmon and Challis

Local hunters, anglers, trappers and wildlife enthusiasts are invited to join Idaho Fish and Game staff at open houses in Salmon and Challis to visit about current wildlife and fisheries management in Lemhi and Custer counties.

Topics include:

  • Big Game harvest statistics and recent aerial survey results
  • Updates on the spring steelhead season and possible Chinook season
  • Local projects on Idaho’s less known alpine wildlife including Black Rosy Finch, Hoary Marmot, Pika, and others
  • Boone and Crockett/Pope and Young measuring demonstration and information on scoring and entering your trophy into the record books

The Challis open house will be held Tuesday, March 24 at the Community Event Center on Clinic Road. The open house in Salmon will be held Wednesday, March 25 at the Fish and Game Office, 99 Hwy 93 North. Both meetings will be held from 4 to 7 p.m.

Chili with fixings from River City Baking will be served free of charge while it lasts.

There will be no formal presentations, but several informative displays and handouts will be available, as well as Fish and Game staff to discuss and answer questions.

"Bring a friend or neighbor and come by,” said Fish and Game Regional Supervisor Tom Curet. “These meetings will be very informative and we hope folks bring their questions and appetite.”

These open houses are intended for anyone interested in fish and wildlife and are designed to stimulate informal discussions about wildlife issues in Lemhi and Custer counties. For more information, contact Fish and Game’s Salmon Regional Office at 208-756-2271.

Draw results available for spring bear controlled hunts

Spring bear controlled hunt draw results are available now.

The results have been posted through Fish and Game’s licensing system. Hunters who already have an account can check to see if they drew controlled hunt tags for spring black bear at Email notifications will be sent to those who provided an email address on their profile.

Those without an online license system account can get step-by-step instructions for how to set one up on the Controlled Hunt Results web page.

Hunters whose names were drawn can buy the controlled hunt tags through the online license system or by calling 1-800-554-8685. The tag will be mailed to them after purchase. Transactions completed over the Internet or telephone have an additional convenience fee added to the transaction. Hunters can also purchase their tags at any license vendor, Idaho Fish and Game regional office, or at Fish and Game headquarters in Boise.

Hunters who were successful in the draw will still receive a notification card by mail by March 10, however, it is the responsibility of hunters to find out whether their names were drawn in these hunts. Those who do not have access to the internet can either wait to receive their notification card, or visit a Fish and Game license vendor to determine draw status.

Hunters who already have a general season bear tag may exchange their general season bear tag for the appropriate controlled hunt tag. Alternatively, they may keep their general season bear tag and purchase a controlled hunt bear tag. Any exchanges of tags must be completed at an Idaho Fish and Game office, and reduced priced tags or second bear tags cannot be exchanged for a controlled hunt tag.

Idaho Fish and Game Commission extends wolf hunting and trapping seasons

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission adopted nine proposed modifications to wolf hunting and trapping for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons, extending wolf hunting opportunity, opening more areas to wolf trapping and extending trapping seasons, which all take effect immediately.