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January 2020

Fish and Game officers euthanize a mountain lion within Hailey city limits

On Thursday January 30, Fish and Game officers and local law enforcement were notified of a large mountain lion roaming in the Woodside subdivision in Hailey. Once located, the lion continued to run through many neighborhood yards, before taking refuge under a tree. The officers then attempted to haze the lion using rubber buck shot fired from a shotgun. The lion was not deterred by the hazing.

Due to the close proximity to dense neighborhood housing and public schools the decision to euthanize the lion was made in the interest of public safety of Hailey residents.

The lion was a large adult male, estimated to be four to five years old.

According to Regional Supervisor Craig White, “we became aware of the mountain lion from a Facebook video that was posted earlier today. Knowing that there was a lion in close proximity to local schools, especially as schools were releasing students this afternoon was very concerning to us.”

Since December 5, Fish and Game has received over 60 reports of mountain lion sightings throughout the Wood River Valley.

White noted, “The number of sightings this year is concerning, especially when the reports indicate that the lions are not displaying what we could call normal behavior. Lions are typically shy and active at night, but reports, such as we had today, are of lions that are active during the day. That is not the desired cat behavior.”

Residents are encouraged to report any sightings of mountain lions to the Magic Valley Regional Office at (208) 324-4359, during normal business hours of Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Any incidents where a person must take action to cause the lion to flee or back down, or any attacks by mountain lions on pets or people should be reported immediately to the Magic Valley Regional Office or the Blaine County Sheriff by calling 911 or their non-emergency phone line at (208) 788-5555.

Raising Chinook at Sawtooth Hatchery doesn't stop during Stanley's frozen winter

Anglers hoping to catch a Chinook in 2022 in the upper Salmon River probably aren’t thinking about Tony Folsom and his crew at the Sawtooth Hatchery near Stanley. But Folsom – the hatchery manager – and his crew are working to produce the next generation of Chinook that will be released during spring and hopefully return so anglers can catch those prized adult salmon more than 900 miles from the ocean.

On January 7, 2020, it was an almost balmy day at the hatchery with high temperature about 10 degrees above freezing.

Fish culturist Andrew Niebuhr and Folsom worked around the hatchery’s outdoor raceways where juvenile salmon, known as smolts, are being reared. Niebuhr and Folsom got the rare chance to shed a couple of the layers of clothing their jobs typically require as they cleared accumulated snow from the metal walkways that span the hatchery raceways.

This was not an average winter day in Stanley, which is consistently one of the coldest places in the continental United States.

Fish & Game to host workshops for educators in Coeur d’Alene

Idaho Fish and Game is offering two workshops in Coeur d’Alene geared toward teaching K-12 educators how to teach kids about wildlife. Project WILD is an award-winning education program designed to help teachers and youth leaders incorporate wildlife concepts in to their classrooms.

During the workshops, participants learn hands-on activities about wildlife with links to social studies, mathematics, language arts and other subjects. Lessons have been correlated to Idaho State Education Standards and do not take time away from established curricula.

Teachers, scout leaders, camp counselors and parents are all encouraged to attend a Project WILD workshop. “Anyone interested in sharing nature with children will benefit” according to coordinator Lori Adams.

In 2020, the Panhandle Region will feature two workshops:

Introductory Project WILD, Feb. 21 and 22

Through hands-on activities, educators learn fun and exciting ways to teach wildlife concepts in the classroom. Participants receive two activity guides which contain more than 150 activities related to wildlife and wildlife conservation. This workshop serves as a prerequisite for other specialized WILD classes. Wildlife Building, Kootenai County Fairgrounds, 4056 N Government Way, Coeur d’Alene.

WILD about Fishing, June 23 and 24

Mountain lion take season closes in Unit 54

Fish and Game just announced the immediate closure of the mountain lion take season in Game Management Unit 54 due to the harvest quota of female lions being met. The quota is set a 9 female lions.

The dog training season, pursuit only, for mountain lions is now open until March 31, 2020.

The most current information on whether a quota has been met or the season has been closed for a particular game management unit anywhere in the state can be obtained by calling or stopping by any regional Fish and Game office or by calling 1-800-323-4334. Information is also updated regularly on an Idaho Fish and Game webpage at

Upland game, turkey and furbearer seasons set for 2020-21 seasons

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission set the 2020-21 upland game, turkey and furbearer seasons and rules during their meeting on Jan. 23. Printed brochures will be available at license vendors and Fish and Game offices in mid-February, and online by early February.

F&G proposes changes in wolf hunting/trapping for 2020

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is proposing seven extensions of the 2020 wolf hunting seasons and two proposed changes to open more areas to wolf trapping and extend trapping seasons. Public can see the proposals and comment at Fish and Game's public comment webpage.  Deadline to comment is Feb. 10. 


View Proposals and Comment

Rainbow trout stocking schedule for the Magic Valley Region during February 2020

Hatchery personnel from Fish and Game’s Magic Valley Region will be stocking approximately 6,350 10-12” catchable-sized rainbow trout in February. All stocking dates and numbers of fish are approximate and may change without notice due to water or weather conditions.

Body of Water                               Week to be Stocked                      Number to be Stocked

Crystal Springs Lake                           Feb 3-7                                                    300

Niagara Springs                                   Feb 3-7                                                    250

Filer Kids Pond & Filer Pond              Feb 10-14                                               450

Filer Kids Pond & Filer Pond              Feb 24-28                                               450

Hagerman WMA Oster Lake #1        Feb 24-28                                            2,000

Hagerman WMA Oster Lake #2        Feb 24-28                                               450

Hagerman WMA Oster Lake #3        Feb 24-28                                               450

Hagerman WMA Oster Lake #4        Feb 24-28                                               450

Hagerman WMA Riley Creek Pond   Feb 24-28                                            1,000

Crystal Springs Lake                           Feb 24-28                                                300

Niagara Springs                                   Feb 24-28                                                250

Favorable conditions for trout under the ice of Henrys Lake

Fisheries biologists have been out weekly since December 2019 monitoring oxygen levels below the ice on Henrys Lake. Dissolved oxygen is crucial to the growth and survival of aquatic animals. Current oxygen levels in the lake are favorable for trout growth and reproduction.

Henrys Lake Winter
Creative Commons Licence
Jenn Vincent Idaho Fish and Game

When oxygen levels decline, a fish becomes stressed and its body cannot perform to its full potential. As such, the more oxygen available in the water column the better. Each winter Fish and Game tracks oxygen levels under the ice by measuring the amount of dissolved oxygen throughout the water column at multiple locations on Henrys Lake.