Press Release

December 2018

Hunter comments wanted for moose, sheep, and mountain goat season proposals

Idaho Fish and Game biologists in the Salmon Region want to hear from hunters on proposed changes to moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat seasons for 2019 and 2020.

Hunters are encouraged to attend any of two open houses where they can visit with local wildlife biologists about the proposals and provide their comments.

  • Salmon - December 19, 4:00-7:00 p.m., Salmon Regional Office, 99 Hwy 93 North
  • Challis - December 20, 4:00-7:00 p.m., Challis Community Events Center Board Room

The proposed changes were developed using the most recent population information, as well as public input collected throughout the year.  Additionally at these meetings, local biologists will be available to discuss current deer, elk, pronghorn, mountain lion, bear and wolf populations in the region.

“We will not be presenting any season changes or proposals for big game at these open houses, but rather answering population-related questions and gathering ideas the public would like considered when developing proposals for the upcoming big game season setting process,” said Salmon Region Wildlife Manager Greg Painter.

After staff develops big game proposals to address common issues, another set of open house meetings will be held in early 2019 to accept specific public comments to the 2019-2020 big game season proposals.

A complete list of statewide moose, sheep and mountain goat season proposals, as well as the opportunity to comment online, will soon be available on Fish and Game’s website at Comments can also be mailed to: 2019-2020 MSG Season Proposals, PO Box 25, Boise, ID 83707. Comments will be accepted through January 3.

The final proposed changes for moose, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat will be presented for Commission approval at their January 24 meeting in Boise.

Ten reasons to go ice fishing this winter, and where it happens

If you haven't tried ice fishing in Idaho yet, you're missing out on a winter activity that is not only fun and inexpensive, it's a great way to catch lots of tasty fish. Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why you should go ice fishing: 

Ice fishing is a good reason to get outside during winter

Winter can give us all a nasty case of cabin fever, but unlike many other activities that make you wait until spring, you can keep fishing during winter. A day on the ice is not just another fishing trip, it’s a whole different fishing experience. 

It’s surprisingly beginner friendly

Ice fishing may seem specialized, and part of it is because it’s the only type of fishing that requires an ice auger. But aside from that, nearly any fishing gear will work. You can also build your own ice fishing rods, or a batch of them, for a reasonable price. Here’s a DIY example. If you decide to buy your gear, an ice fishing rod/reel combo is inexpensive, and honestly, a lot of fun to fish with because even a modest-sized fish feels big. After that, all you need is a hook, weight and bait. You can make it as simple or as sophisticated as you want. Check out Fish and Game's ice fishing page for more information about ice fishing basics and important safety information. 

F&G seeks information on unlawful elk killing near Prichard

Idaho Fish and Game is seeking assistance in solving the case of an unlawfully taken elk on Saturday, Dec. 1. Someone killed an elk near Mile Marker 4 of the Beaver Creek drainage near Prichard. 

Some of the meat, and the head, were taken from the carcass.  If anyone has any information about who may have killed the elk, please call the Panhandle Regional Office of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game at 208-769-1414, or the Citizens Against Poaching Hotline at 1-800-632-5999.  Callers may remain anonymous, and a reward may be offered for information leading to the arrest of the violator.