Special Wildlife Tags - Selection Process (Step 2)

Only those organizations that have met the qualifications process by the appropriate deadline will be considered. Evaluators will rank all applications that meet minimum qualifications according to the following criteria, each of which will account for roughly one-third of the total weight given to each of the following factors:

  • A statement describing the organization's ability to conduct the auction or raffle, date and time anticipated auction or raffle, description of auction or raffle and site, and number of people expected to attend.
  • A marketing strategy designed to provide maximum exposure to parties interested in obtaining such special tags.
  • A statement demonstrating how organization's past conservation commitment and practices have been realized.

Evaluators will not have personal contact with the applicants during the evaluation process unless all applicants are invited to meet to provide additional information or clarification of questions that could arise. Evaluators will also consider the overall effect of awarding an auction or raffle to an organization. Ranked application packages will be provided to the director or commission as appropriate. Preference will be given to national organizations or to Idaho-based chapters or affiliates of such organizations.

The director or commission will award the special tags to those nonprofit organizations whose response best meets the needs of the agency will be awarded a contract for the specific special tag auction or raffle. Decisions regarding the specific number of any special tag awarded reside solely with the commission or director.

Note: There is no stated or implied guarantee that contracts will be offered or awarded to any organization(s) in the qualified pool.
Last Updated: April 23, 2013 
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