Special Wildlife Tags - Qualification Process (Step 1)

For Special Wildlife Tags

Applicants must be 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation. They should submit the following information:

  1. The organization name, date of incorporation as a nonprofit organization, and number of fully-qualified members.
  2. A mission statement including conservation objectives.
  3. Which specific tags are they interested in.
  4. A record of past fundraising for conservation purposes.
  5. A detailed proposal for marketing and conducting a fundraising program, and a statement of ability to conduct the auction or raffle, date, time and place where auction or raffle would be conducted, description of auction or raffle and site, and number of people expected to attend.

Idaho Fish and Game will evaluate all application packages, request additional information or clarification as needed, and notify all organizations requesting consideration whether their package is complete and whether it has been accepted at least 45 days before the decision date for each special tag available.

Organizations will be evaluated based upon:
  • Depth and breadth of expertise and experience in hunting tag auctions and raffles in the past and opportunity to do so in the future.
  • Quality of services provided as described by references, including expertise and quality of communications and interpersonal relations.
  • Demonstrated commitment to wildlife conservation efforts.
  • And relevance of conservation record with respect to good sportsmanship and hunter ethics.

Completed application packages will be used to establish a pool of qualified organizations that will be considered as recipients of Special Tags (Step 2). Organizations that fail to clearly meet the qualifications requirements will not be considered further.

Successful nonprofit organization(s) will be informed by letter that signifies the applicant has met the requirements of this process, but does not signify the organization will be awarded a tag auction or raffle for any given year.

To ensure that a sufficient number of organizations exist to adequately market such special tags as may be available annually, Idaho Fish and Game reserves the right to add additional wildlife conservation organizations to the qualified pool. Organizations that request to be added to the qualified list will be evaluated in a manner consistent with that applied to the organizations that respond to this policy and will be expected to supply the same supporting documentation within the same timeline.
Last Updated: April 23, 2013 
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