Biological Aide – Hayspur Hatchery (4 month)

Hayspur Fish Hatchery - Bellevue
Application Period: 
Employment Type: 
Temporary/Seasonal/Part Time
10.80 per hour , No Benefits
Employment Dates: 
10/1/2020 to 1/31/2021

About the position

The Hayspur Fish Hatchery, located only 30 miles from Sun Valley (Idaho), is seeking a temporary Biological Aide (non-benefited) to assist with spawning and rearing of Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout and to assist with numerous research projects such as the YY Male Brook Trout Program and the All-Female Rainbow Trout production Progam. Join the exciting Idaho Fish & Game Fisheries team.

General Information: 
With or without reasonable accommodations, incumbents must be able to stand and work in and around water for up to five hours per shift; lifting and carrying equipment weighing up to 60 pounds; and working in extreme weather conditions.
Normal work hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (5 days per week), but irregular work hours are frequent and may include weekends and holidays.
Dormitory style housing is available free of charge.
Assist with the spawning of Rainbow Trout, including: sorting and assessing female ripeness, collecting and fertilizing the eggs, and pressure shocking the eggs to induce triploidy. Assist with the rearing of Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout, including: fish feeding, cleaning and maintenance of fish rearing units (raceways, ponds, tanks, and recirculating aquaculture system), chemical treatments, water flow and water quality monitoring, and maintenance of hatchery grounds and equipment. Assist with numerous research projects related to the production of mono sex trout populations, photoperiod manipulation to control trout spawning schedules, and Coho Salmon x Rainbow Trout hybrid production.
Applicants must be able to work independently and follow set protocols. Applicants must be well organized, detail oriented, self-motivated, and safety conscious. Must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license. Requires some mechanical aptitude and experience/skills to operate hand tools, power tools, machinery, pumps, and lawn care equipment. Hatchery or fisheries related experience and education is strongly preferred, but not required.
How to Apply

1. Complete an IDFG Application for Temporary Employment (

2. Submit a cover letter, a resume, three professional or academic references, and a completed IDFG Application for Temporary Employment via email to:

Hayspur Fish Hatchery Assistant Manager



Additional Comments: 
EEO/Veteran’s Preference. If qualified applicants are found, this announcement may close before the listed closing date.
Thomas Lindenmuth
Open until filled