Wildlife Technician-Depredation Research (1 position)

Magic Valley Region
Application Period: 
Employment Type: 
Temporary/Seasonal/Part Time
$12.41 per hour, housing (camp trailer) provided
Employment Dates: 
7/1/2019 to 10/18/2019

About the position

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is seeking a technician to assist in a study focusing on modifying elk behavior to reduce agriculture crop damages in southern Idaho. This study involves the testing and development of deterrent treatments designed to prevent elk from utilizing agriculture crops during the growing season. The study uses the behavioral responses of GPS collared elk, observational assessments and track counts to quantify elk use and response to deterrent treatments. 

Responsibilities include, but not limited to: Deploying and maintaining multiple deterrent systems at or near agriculture crops, monitoring and downloading location data from collared elk, conducting observation surveys using thermal imaging equipment, conducting elk track count surveys, database management, and assisting with elk capture efforts.
Most of these activities will occur on privately owned land. Applicants must have good communication skills along with the ability to work cooperatively and professionally with private landowners involved in the study. Applicants must be self-sufficient and have a strong work ethic while working with limited supervision. Applicants must be willing to work odd hours, often at night, while being adaptable to sudden changes in scheduling. Applicants must able to follow instructions while paying close attention to details.
• Bachelor’s Degree or graduating this semester with a Bachelor’s Degree in: Wildlife Biology, Natural Resources Management, Environmental Resources, or a related subject.
• Trained and experienced in safely operating 4WD trucks and ATVs in remote areas on unimproved roads.
• Trained and experienced in safely operating 4WD trucks towing trailers.
• Willingness to work irregular hours and weekends.
• Ability to read, interpret, and navigate using topographic maps.
• Experience with hand-held GPS units and some experience with GIS software.
• Experience with data entry and database management.
• Must be willing to work in rough terrain and/or inclement weather.
• Applicants must be physically fit and able to carry upwards of 50 pounds.
• Preferred experience or background in agriculture production.
• Preferred experience with GPS collaring and monitoring wildlife.
• Preferred experience with deploying and checking remote sensing cameras.

Applicants must possess a valid driver’s license and have a clean driving record. Applicants who are selected as final possible candidates must be able to pass a criminal background check.
How to Apply
  1. Applicants must first register with Idaho Department of Labor (Reference Job Number 1165057 at https://labor.idaho.gov.)
  2. Complete an IDFG Application for Temporary Employment (see link below)
  3. Submit a cover letter, a resume, three professional or academic references, and a completed IDFG Application for Temporary Employment via email to: john.guthrie@idfg.idaho.gov  - Please include "Elk Depredation Research Technician" in subject line.


Additional Comments: 
EEO/Veteran’s Preference. If qualified applicants are found, this announcement may close before the listed closing date.
John Guthrie
Open until filled