Business Manager

Application Period: 
4/13/2017 to 5/4/2017
Employment Type: 
Permanent - Full Time
$30.00+ per hour DOE, Plus Competitive Benefits!

About the position

The Department of Fish and Game is currently recruiting for a Business Manager. The Business Manager will develop and implement a coordinated business framework integrating marketing components of customer support and sales data, advertising, public relations/outreach, market research, and media planning to develop strategies to influence product pricing/distribution and sales. This position will report directly to the Deputy Director of Operations and have the responsibility of building interdepartmental teams to manage critical aspects of business management.


  • Direct department marketing efforts and act as liaison between department bureaus and committees to advance marketing strategies, streamline department processes, and increase revenue.
  • Chair the Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation (R3) Committee and Marketing Committee and has the responsibility to manage and direct the scope and delivery of each component.
  • Develop and implement initiatives to increase public awareness of the IDFG brand as the premium wildlife conservation organization in Idaho.
  • Research, implement, and maintain a Customer Relations Management (CRM) or similar program.
  • Use big data analytics to explore and understand IDFG customer sales data to identify trends and opportunities related to business and marketing issues and develop data based strategies to increase unit sales and achieve department revenue goals.
  • Coordinate and leverage state programs and initiatives with regional or national R3 programs.
  • Develop and enhance relationships with sporting industry partners.
  • Compile and disseminate implementation methods and results in formats appropriate to various users and make presentations of findings.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Competency in management and demonstrated leadership skills. Good knowledge of marketing principles (sales, public relations) including social media, advertising and research methods. Good knowledge of project management. Experience analyzing complex management issues and developing recommendations for improvement. Experience conducting fact-finding interviews and interpreting statistical and narrative information. Experience preparing oral and written reports of study findings and recommendations. Experience using spreadsheet software (such as Excel, Statistica, SPSS, SAS) to perform data analysis.
  • Experience using data warehouse query tools (such as Business Objects or Micro Strategies).

The ideal candidate will have good knowledge of fishing and hunting, the desires and motivations of outdoor enthusiasts, and the value of professionally managed fish and wildlife to provide a basis for sustainable resource management and the resulting economic benefit to Idaho. Personal experience that demonstrates an understanding of Idaho's rich outdoor heritage and its relationship to fishing, hunting, and trapping is beneficial. Exceptional candidates will have an understanding of the user pay, North American Model of wildlife management and its importance to the fiscal solvency of a state fish and game agency.

How to Apply

There is an exam (resume review) to determine an applicant's eligibility. It is essential that your customized resume emphasize education, experience and positions held that are directly related to the minimum qualifications for this position. It should include detailed information, including dates, regarding education and experience. You must have the minimum level of experience or education described to qualify for this position. Scoring will be based on the information that you provide. A minimum rating of 70 is required to pass. Notification of your test results will be available online when the review process is complete.

After completing the Application Checklist and Exam, please email a cover letter and resume to IDFG Human Resource Officer, Gina Hodge at

Note: You must complete the online application and exam to be considered of this position.

Please apply online and take the qualifying exam through the URL listed below:

Additional Comments: 
EEO/Veteran’s Preference.
Gina Hodge
(208) 334-3773
Traditional - Open through close date (specified)