Botany/Plant Ecology Research Biologist

Application Period: 
3/8/2017 to 3/29/2017
Employment Type: 
Temporary/Seasonal/Part Time
$17.26 per hour, 40 hours a week, with benefits

About the position

A temporary Botany/Plant Ecology Research Biologist is needed to conduct research on plants of grasslands, shrub steppe, and other communities of Idaho.

Dates of Employment:

  • May 30, 2017 to approximately November 30, 2017 or December 30, 2017 (6 or 7 months)


General Information: 

This position requires travel for 2-3 months during the field season, and camping in remote areas for up to 2 weeks at a time for approximately 5 weeks. This position requires, with or without reasonable accommodations, the ability to work in extremely hot weather with no shade (>100° F), walk off-trail for up to 6 miles per day, traverse slopes of >30°, and bend down to look at plants on the ground, all while carrying gear and being aware of hazards such as badger holes, rattlesnakes, streams, and open water. Mosquitoes and ticks may occasionally be present.


The biologist will provide input into project development, examine literature for information, plan project activities, and analyze, interpret, and report on data. Projects will focus on monitoring and surveying for rare plants. Monitoring includes counting stems on belt transects and assessing canopy cover by quadrat and line-intercept methods. Surveying includes searching for new locations based on habitat and soil traits, mapping and documenting locations, and making herbarium specimens.


To minimally qualify, the successful applicant must have at least a Bachelors Degree in botany or a related field, and have experience using botanical field equipment, making herbarium specimens, analyzing data, and planning, executing, and reporting on field research. The applicant must be able to collect data accurately, pay attention to detail, and teach methods to others. The applicant must be able to work effectively and cooperatively with co-workers, agency partners, and the public. The applicant must work as a team member and have a safety-conscious and positive attitude in sometimes difficult working conditions. The applicant must possess a valid driver’s license and be able to operate 4x4 vehicles safely on rough dirt roads.

Desired Qualifications:

Master’s degree in botany or related field and at least 2 plant identification courses. Experience identifying plants of Idaho, particularly grassland and shrub steppe communities.
How to Apply
  1. Applicants must first register with Idaho Department of Labor (Reference Job Number 908768 at
  2. Complete an IDFG Application for Temporary Employment (see link below)
  3. Submit a cover letter, a resume, copy of college transcripts (unofficial copy is fine), three professional or academic references, and a completed IDFG Application for Temporary Employment via email (preferred) or by mail to:
    • Idaho Department of Fish and Game
    • Attention: Jennifer Miller, Plant Research Ecologist
      Wildlife Diversity Program
    • 600 S. Walnut Street
    • P. O. Box 25
    • Boise, ID 83707-0025

Comments: EEO/Veteran’s Preference. If qualified applicants are found, this announcement may close before the listed closing date.

Jennifer Miller
(208) 287-2727
Traditional - Open through close date (specified)