Wildlife Technician, Sr.

Menan, Idaho
Application Period: 
12/27/2021 to 1/21/2022
Employment Type: 
Temporary/Seasonal/Part Time
$17.70 per hour plus competitive benefits.
Employment Dates: 

About the position

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is seeking a temporary (benefited) Senior Wildlife Technician to work as part of a team to perform technical and physical duties regarding wildlife habitat management on Deer Parks Wildlife Mitigation Unit (DPWMU), Cartier Slough Wildlife Management Area (CSWMA) and four Access areas. The individual selected for this position will be responsible for assisting a Regional Habitat Biologist (RWHB) with the operation of said properties and other duties as assigned. Supervision of seasonal employees with day to day operations will be part of this position.

This position takes a flexible schedule, a strong work ethic, good attitude, and ability to work independently. The properties managed are referenced as a wildlife ranch/farm with other duties as assigned as natural resource management has many unforeseen/unknown mechanisms.

Duration: Variable (late March-early April to early December) start and end dates may vary. Tentative start date 03/21/2022 not to exceed 1385 hours (8 months) annually.

General Information: 
This is a demanding job that requires a positive attitude and the ability to handle tough physical and mental conditions. Successful applicants, with or without reasonable accommodations, will perform physical and technical duties associated with wildlife habitat management and will engage in informational and educational activities with the public. This position may require the individual to work some weekends, complete physically demanding projects, work in adverse weather, early starts (i.e. bird surveys) with occasional late nights (i.e. nocturnal animal surveys), identify plant species, use herbicides (as well as mechanical) for weed control, irrigation experience, use GIS/GPS systems, safely operate 4WD trucks, tractors, ATV’s, chainsaws, water irrigation systems and power planting augers. Experience with these skills are required. Training will be provided for some activities. Department housing may be provided.
Assist with habitat management activities on Deer Parks WMU, Cartier Slough WMA and Access areas. Specific duties include but are not limited to: - Completing habitat manipulations as per direction of the Regional Wildlife Habitat Biologist. - Conducting population surveys on a variety of wildlife species. - Quantifying vegetative communities. - Waterfowl nesting structure maintenance - Monitoring and facilitating public use of the property. - Light construction, equipment maintenance and repair. - Other duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications: The applicant must have completed at least two years of training, college, or vocational program in an accredited wildlife biology program or closely related field. This position takes grit and smarts. Strong preference will be given to individuals who have completed a Bachelor of Science degree. Additionally the applicant must have:
Working knowledge of farm/ranch management.
Wildlife survey methods acquired through coursework or experience.
The ability to accurately identify wildlife species.
Some knowledge of vegetation survey methods and plant taxonomy.
The physical ability to engage in strenuous work for extended periods of time including work in adverse weather conditions and work involving lifting and carrying heavy loads.
A valid driver’s license.
Must acquire a Professional Herbicide Applicators license within 60 days of hire.
Applicants will be given additional consideration if they have experience: - Performing habitat improvement activities. - Ranch and Farm work. -Operating, maintaining, repairing 4x4 vehicles, ATV's, boats, and farm equipment. - Using power tools and completing small construction projects.
How to Apply

Send resume, references and Cover Letter to Josh Rydalch.  josh.rydalch@idfg.idaho.gov

Additional Comments: 
EEO/Veteran’s Preference. If qualified applicants are found, this announcement may close before the listed closing date.
Josh Rydalch
Traditional - Open through close date (specified)