Regulating the outfitting and guiding industry in Idaho


License Number: 14911
4953 Highway 12 Kamiah ID 83536

801 633-3264C

Operating Area 01

Operating Area for conducting INCIDENTAL FISHING, TRAILRIDES / PACK TRIPS, PHOTO TRIPS activities. Licensed for ELK, DEER, GOAT, MOOSE, BEAR, COUGAR, WOLF hunting.

Operating Area Description

Beginning on the North Fork Clearwater River at Isabella Creek (Sec. 31, T41N, R7E, BM); then easterly upstream on North Fork Clearwater River to Quartz Creek, then easterly on Quartz Creek to the point where Road # 711 diverges from the creek (SW, Section 18, T40N, R9E), then along Road #711 past Moscow Bar Ridge and Mush Point to Mush Saddle, then northeasterly along the Pot Mountain Ridge Trail (#169) past Cold Springs Peak to the Saddle Creek-Wolf Creek divide (SWSW Section 11, T40N, R9E, BM), then northwesterly along said divide to Quartz Creek (SW Section 5, T40N, R9E), then northeasterly along Quartz Creek to the mouth of Twin Cabin Creek (Sec. 34, T41N, R10E, BM); then northerly upstream on Twin Cabin Creek to Indian Henry Ridge, the Skull/Quartz Creek watershed divide, and Road 5371; then easterly on said watershed divide and Road 5371 to Pot Mountain Ridge on the Skull/Meadow Creek watershed divide and Road 715 (Sec. 19, T41N, R10E, BM); then northerly on Road 715 to juncture with Trail 59 (Sec. 31, T42N, R10E, BM); then westerly around the head of Copper Creek to and down the Copper/Roaring Creek watershed divide; then southwesterly down said watershed divide to the mouth of Frost Creek (Sec. 8, T41N, R9E, BM); then upstream on Frost Creek to Lost Trail Ridge and Trail 283 and continuing northerly on Trail 283 to the Clearwater/Panhandle National Forest boundary to the head of Spud Creek near Road 6105 (NW corner Sec. 36, T42N, R8E, BM); the on a straight line southwesterly across Perry and Collins Creek to the juncture of Trails 97 and 685 on Avalanche Ridge (Sec. 24, T41N, R7E, BM); then northerly on Trail 97 to the head of Isabella Creek and juncture with Trail 95 (Sec. 7, T41N, R8E, BM); then southwesterly downstream along Isabella Creek to North Fork Clearwater River, the point of beginning. (Clearwater National Forest Map, 1980)[F&G Unit 10](3/2004)

Outfitters amendment request 2/08/2008 to add moose to activities. Letter from Dave Cadwallader IDFG granting their approval 12/19/2008.
Douglas Gober District Ranger NorthFork Ranger District Clearwater Forest Land Manager.

11/06-Purchased entire outfitting business, including name, from Ray Christopherson (#14608)

03/17/2008 Added bobcat should have been on license when purchased form Ray Christopherson.

Licensed Activities

  • DEER
  • ELK
  • GOAT
  • BEAR
  • WOLF

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