Idaho developed a Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (CWCS) in October 2005 to provide a framework for conserving 'Species of Greatest Conservation Need' (SGCN) and the habitats upon which they depend. This dynamic document is intended to enable all conservation partners to make more informed decisions regarding the 229 SGCN and 18 priority habitats identified statewide. The strategy promotes proactive conservation to ensure cost-effective solutions instead of reactive measures in the face of imminent losses. To build off this strategy and encourage implementation, partners across Idaho participated in a series of workshops to identify, delineate, and attribute resource and management focal areas in each of 14 ecological sections. Six workshops were held in 3 areas of the state: 1) north Idaho (Coeur d'Alene, Moscow), 2) southwest/central Idaho (Boise), and 3) southeast Idaho (Idaho Falls). The specific objectives of the workshops were to: 1) capture regional expertise and local knowledge, 2) create ecological section-level focal area maps identifying areas of high resource value, and 3) enable use of maps and action plans as a conservation tool for on the ground implementation and prioritization.

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