Lloyd Ranch Partnership

Landowner Notification Required. In order to access this property you must first contact the landowner.

Property Contact:
Dick Lloyd
The Lloyd Ranch Partnership
18222 Daffodil Lane
Lewiston, ID 83501
Phone: (208)743-3622

Directions: Check in with Dick Lloyd on the property at 18222 Daffodil Lane.

From Lewiston travel south toward Waha. About 6 miles south of the Webb Rd. / Waha Rd. Jct. turn right on Miller Rd. This Access Yes! property begins at the head of Ten Mile canyon and goes to the west.

Description: Ten Mile & side canyons rangeland (fenced with cattle at times). Fields to the south (Ten Mile drainage) farmed by No-Till or one pass system. All fields cropped every year.
Be aware of area boundaries. No hunting allowed to South of entrance road
Private Land: 2360 acres
Public Land: No public land is accessible.
Available: 7/1/2019 - 6/30/2020
Access: 8 big game and 10 upland game hunters/ day

Access Restrictions

  • Landowner notification required
  • Limited number of persons allowed
  • Vehicle use only on existing roads
  • Vehicle use only for game retrieval
  • No overnight camping
  • No open fires

Vehicle use limited to graded and dozed out roads, not on tracks across fields.
Vehicle use for game retrieval depends on crop and ground conditions. If fire danger is high, no access will be allowed.
The Landowner asks everyone to stop at the house for info on fire danger and crops.
Hunting within Access Yes area only, must have written permission from adjoining landowners if outside of area.

Hunting and Fishing Opportunities

  • Big Game
  • Upland Game
  • Small Game
  • No fishing opportunities available.
  • Pheasants are being stocked on this area.

    We allow no killing of any bird, animal or reptile which might eat a mouse or vole!

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