Non-resident tags are limited!
There is a non-resident tag quota of 15,500 total deer tags and 12,815 total elk tags. See the Nonresident Tags Available page for current availability.
No hunts found for 2023. Displaying results for 2022. The dates and locations of hunting opportunities do change but are not modified greatly from year to year.

New seasons are posted at different times depending on the species:
  • March: Moose, Sheep, Goat (odd years)
  • April: Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Bear, Wolf, Turkey (odd years)
  • July: Migratory Birds (annually)
  • May: Upland Game (even years)

Your hunting opportunities.

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Special Notes (follow hunt link for details)
  ¹ Youth hunting opportunity.
  ² Limited Access.
  ³ Motor Vehicle Restriction in all or part of this hunt.

Deer Seasons

General Any Weapon

Regular Deer Tag Unlimited tags

10/10/22-10/31/22Antlered Mule and White-tailed DeerAny WeaponUnit 49³

General Archery

Regular Deer Tag Unlimited tags

8/30/22-9/30/22Either-sex Mule and White-tailed DeerArcheryUnit 49³

Controlled Hunt Antlered

Hunt 1038 Area 49 10 tags

11/10/22-11/24/22Antlered Mule and White-tailed DeerAny Weapon49

Elk Seasons

Controlled Hunt Antlered

Hunt 2029 Area 49 25 tags

10/1/22-10/14/22Antlered ElkAny Weapon49

Hunt 2030 Area 49 200 tags

10/15/22-10/31/22Antlered ElkAny Weapon49

Controlled Hunt Youth Only

Hunt 2155 Area 49 50 tags

10/10/22-10/31/22Antlerless ElkAny Weapon49

Controlled Hunt Muzzleloader

Hunt 2138 Area 49 100 tags

11/1/22-11/14/22Either-sex ElkMuzzleloader49

Controlled Hunt Landowner Permission Required Extra Antlerless

Hunt 2182 Area 49-1X 200 tags

8/1/22-10/31/22Antlerless ElkAny Weapon49-1X

Hunt 2183 Area 49-1X 100 tags

11/1/22-12/31/22Antlerless ElkAny Weapon49-1X

Controlled Hunt Outfitter Allocated

Hunt 2218 Area 49 9 tags

10/15/22-10/31/22Antlered ElkAny Weapon49

Pronghorn Seasons

Controlled Hunt Either Sex

Hunt 4012 Area 49 25 tags

9/25/22-10/24/22Either-sex Pronghorn AntelopeAny Weapon49

Bear Seasons

General Any Weapon

Black Bear Tag Unlimited tags

4/15/22-6/15/22Either-sex Black BearAny WeaponUnit 49
6/16/22-7/31/22Either-sex Black BearDog TrainingUnit 49

Lion Seasons

General Any Weapon

Mountain Lion Tag Unlimited tags

8/30/21-3/31/22Either-sex Mountain LionAny WeaponUnit 49

Moose Seasons

Controlled Hunt Antlered

Hunt 3053 Area 44 3 tags

8/30/22-11/23/22Antlered MooseAny Weapon44