Crow General Any Weapon Season

Hunt Area Statewide
Unlimited Tags

10/1/2018 - 1/31/2019

American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos)
Either-sex American Crow
Either sex may be taken.
Shotgun or Archery
No person shall take upland game birds:
  • Except wild turkey, from one-half (1/2) hour after sunset to one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise. Wild turkey shall not be taken between sunset and one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise.
  • With a trap, snare, net, crossbow, or firearms EXCEPT a shotgun using shells not exceeding three and one-half (3-1/2) inches maximum length, slingshot, hand-held or thrown missiles, EXCEPT forest grouse. Forest grouse shall not be taken with a trap, snare, net, or crossbow. Crossbow may be used to take forest grouse by a person who possesses a Disabled Persons Archery Hunting Permit or a Special Weapon Reasonable Modification Hunting Permit authorizing use of a crossbow or by a person hunting in an area where crossbow is a lawful method of take for big game.
  • From any watercraft.
  • By the use or aid of any electronic call.
  • By the aid of baiting. Bait is defined as any substance placed to attract upland game birds.
  • When hunting on Wildlife Management Areas where pheasants are stocked without wearing at least thirty-six (36) square inches of visible hunter orange above the waist.

In addition to the methods listed above, wild turkey may not be taken:
  • With lead shot exceeding BB size.
  • With steel shot exceeding T size.
  • By the use of dogs, except during fall hunts.


Daily Bag Limit and Possession Limit: No Limits

No person shall take American crows:
- From one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise.
- With trap, snare, net, rifle, pistol or a shotgun using shells exceeding three and one-half (3 1/2) inches maximum length
- From boats or other craft having a motor attached UNLESS the motor is completely shut off and forward progress has ceased, or the boat is drifting naturally or it is propelled by paddle, oars, or a pole, or it is beached, moored, or resting at anchor.

Areas Closed to Hunting:
Areas closed the hunting of upland game birds are also closed to hunting of American crows.


Hunt Area Statewide
Entire State Open. Area Size: 53,466,775 acres
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Tags, Permits & Fees

Resident Tags and Permits

  • Falconry Permit* (Valid for 3 years from purchase year)
  • Handicapped Motor Vehicle Permit*

NonResident Tags and Permits

  • Falconry Permit* (Valid for 3 years from purchase year)
  • Handicapped Motor Vehicle Permit*

A valid hunting license is required for all hunting and trapping activities.
* Indicates this item is optional.

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