Revise trap set back distance from trails for trapping of furbearers and wolves


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Background statement: Currently the minimum distance for placement of a ground, water, or other trap set for furbearers or wolves is 5 feet from the centerline of a public trail.

The intent is to modify trail set-back restrictions to minimize conflicts between trappers and other trail users by reducing the likelihood of accidental capture of dogs or other domestic animals. The proposed modification would extend the minimum set-back from the current 5 feet from centerline to 10 feet from the edge of any maintained public trail.

A “public trail” is defined as any trail designated by any city, county, state, or federal transportation or land management agency on the most current official map of the agency.

The proposal would further modify the current regulation to apply only to ground sets and would exclude water sets and other sets.

A “ground set” is defined as any foothold trap, body-gripping trap, or snare originally set in or on the land (soil, rock, etc.). This includes any traps elevated up to a maximum of thirty-six (36) inches above the natural ground level.

A “water set” is defined as any trap or snare originally set in or on any body of water. This includes traps on floats in the water and those that are set with a minimum of one-third (1/3) of the trap submerged. The term water set applies to traps set on beaver dams, in bank holes and in the water at bank slides.

“Other set” is defined as any set not defined as a ground or water set, including without limitation, elevated sets originally set thirty-six (36) inches or more above natural ground level.

Further, the proposed rule modification would add paved trails to the 300-foot setback that now applies to ground sets near designated campgrounds, trailheads, and picnic areas. The current rule (5 ft from centerline of trail) does not treat paved trails differently from other maintained public trails.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018
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6/6/2018 to 6/27/2018
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