Limit transport of cervid carcasses into Idaho from states with CWD [CWD]


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Background statement: To reduce the possibility of entry of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) into the state, and to prevent spread of CWD within the state after detection, the IDFG draft strategy for CWD prevention, detection, and management recommends the prohibition of importation of any wild cervid carcass into Idaho from any CWD positive state, and the prohibition of the export/transport of a wild cervid carcass from within a defined CWD management zone in Idaho (post detection) to an area outside of the zone. The following are recommended exemptions from the prohibition:

  • Meat that is cut and wrapped
  • Quarters or deboned meat that does not include brain or spinal tissue
  • Edible organs that do not include brains
  • Hides without heads
  • Upper canines (buglers, whistlers, or ivories)
  • Finished taxidermy and dried antlers
  • Cleaned and dried skulls or skull caps

IDFG is proposing a rule change to take proactive measures to prevent potential transmission of CWD prions via infected cervid parts from other states where CWD has been detected, or from within a CWD management zone within the state if/when CWD is detected in Idaho. Implementing the rule in time for the 2018 harvest season would be a proactive benefit to reduce transmission risk.

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