Limit number of non-outfitted nonresident tags in unlimited controlled hunts


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The Commission seeks flexibility to limit the number of nonresident, non-outfitted tags to unlimited controlled hunts.


Status: Rulemaking for this proposal is pending.

The purpose of this rulemaking is to allow Commission flexibility to limit the number of non-outfitted, non-resident tags, along with establishing an allocation for outfitted tags, for a controlled hunt that would remain unlimited for residents and would not affect draw eligibility in following years. Under current IDAPA rules, the Commission may establish unlimited controlled hunts where hunting pressure or other factors support more detailed evaluation of hunt participation or some control beyond that for a general hunt, yet still provide hunt participation each year. Limited controlled hunts have limits on the number of resident and non-resident tags, allocations for outfitted tags, and limits for tag eligibility based on prior year draw success. Current IDAPA rules allow the Commission to designate unlimited controlled hunts as “first choice only” to control participation, but do not allow the Commission to limit the number of nonresident hunters who may participate in a controlled hunt that would remain unlimited for residents. The addition of this flexibility may provide another option for managing hunter participation while providing desirable hunt opportunity; Commission season proclamations could establish nonresident tag limitations for selected unlimited controlled hunts.

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Monday, June 5, 2017
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