Integrate CWD risk into consideration of emergency winter feeding decisions [CWD]


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Background statementIDFG’s Chronic Wasting Disease Strategy recommends that the risks of spreading Chronic Wasting Disease are considered along with the other conditions and criteria considered by IDFG, and the recommendations from Winter Feeding Advisory Committees, for determining an emergency exists and that it is appropriate to initiate distribution of supplemental feed for wintering deer, elk, and pronghorn. Deer and elk may be especially susceptible to spreading or contracting Chronic Wasting Disease when concentrated by supplemental emergency feeding and this risk should be evaluated in relation to the potential impact of choosing to not provide supplemental feed. 

IDFG is proposing a rule change that would include the evaluation of the risk of transmission of CWD where deer and elk are concentrated at feed sites in relation to the potential effects of not feeding deer or elk where and when emergency feeding criteria have been met.

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6/6/2018 to 6/27/2018
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