Adopt a landowner permission hunt for turkeys in controlled hunt areas


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Background statement: In recent years, localized turkey populations have expanded and created depredation issues on private lands. In addition to turkey depredation issues, landowners who provide valuable turkey habitat in controlled hunt areas have expressed frustration at being unable to hunt turkeys on their own property, because of low controlled hunt drawing odds.

The Department proposes rulemaking that would create an administrative framework for the Fish and Game Commission to adopt Landowner Permission Hunt (LPH) seasons for turkeys in areas of the state where turkey controlled hunts are established. Rulemaking would provide additional tools to the Department and landowners to help alleviate turkey depredation issues and increase social tolerance for turkey populations on private lands. It would also provide increased hunting opportunity for landowners who provide valuable turkey habitat in controlled hunt areas.

Proposed rulemaking would increase turkey hunting opportunities in controlled hunt areas.

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6/6/2018 to 6/27/2018
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