Over-the-Counter Tags

Fish and Game is committed to providing hunters with the opportunity to pursue big game every year. An over-the-counter tag, also known as a general season tag, is the simplest way to do that.

When to buy an over-the-counter tag
In Idaho hunters can purchase over-the-counter tags any time after December 1 for the coming year. No drawings. No waiting. Just buy your license and tags and go hunting during the hunting season. It’s that simple.

More things to know
If you want to hunt deer and elk in Idaho, think about buying your tags early.

  • Resident and nonresident tags are available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
  • Some units have quotas and sell out early.
  • Over-the-counter tags involve most hunting units and zones, but not all.
  • Opportunities vary depending on the type of weapon being used.
  • For nonresidents, there are a limited number of general season (over-the-counter) deer and elk tags available.
  • After August 1, unsold nonresident over-the-counter tags go on sale as second tags to both residents and nonresidents.

These maps generally show where over-the-counter (also know as general season) tags are available. Check the Big Game Seasons and Rules book for specifics on each unit and zone.

Over-the Counter Elk Tags

Map of over-the-counter elk tag areas
Creative Commons Licence


Over-the Counter Deer Tags

Map of over-the-counter deer tag areas
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