Mule Deer Draft Management Plan 2020-2025: Review and Comment Opportunity


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This planning document provides guidance for the Department to implement management direction, actions, goals and objectives for mule deer throughout the state.

Please note, this feedback form is for the mule deer draft plan. The draft white-tailed deer management plan comment period is also open.

Mule Deer Management Plan Overview

This plan is designed to provide guidance to IDFG staff to manage Idaho’s mule deer populations over the next 6 years.

Statewide mule deer management direction includes:

  • Understanding what kind of hunting deer herds can support and what hunters prefer
  • Options to consider to address hunter congestion
  • Buck opportunity and quality
  • Antlerless opportunity
  • Abundance, herd composition and survival monitoring
  • Habitat
  • Hunter access
  • Mule Deer Initiative
  • Motorized vehicle use
  • Research
  • Predators
  • Interaction with white-tailed deer and elk
  • Emergency winter feeding
  • Depredation
  • Disease

Review the mule deer management plan summary article for descriptions of these summary items




[PDF 5.4 MB, 102 pages]

Public Comment Instructions

Public comments can be left online here and are taken at multiple public comment opportunities around the state.
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We welcome comments for any part or all of the draft management plan. Please review the plan then leave comments below:

  • Please mark if you generally support, support with concerns, do not support, or are neutral or undecided
  • If your comments are focused to specific regions, please select those regions from the list
  • Please address items of support or concern in the "general comments" section
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Referrals to specific sections or pages in the plan within your comments are very helpful.

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Public comment period closes at end of day on June 30, 2019