Draft Upland Game Management Plan 2019-2024: Comment Opportunity


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Idaho Fish and Game is collecting public input on the newly updated draft of the Upland Game Management Plan. This planning document describes the policy direction for the state’s upland game program through 2024. The document outlines wildlife management program priorities as well as upland game recreational and conservation goals across the state.

The Department is asking for public comment on the draft Upland Game Management Plan. The final proposed changes will be presented for the Commission's approval at the March meeting.

Upland Game Management Plan Overview

The Plan identifies three main priorities to address during the next planning period:

  • Population and harvest monitoring
  • Habitat improvement and management
  • Hunting access

The upland game management plan covers the following upland game birds and animals: ruffed grouse, dusky grouse, and spruce grouse, California quail, chukar, gray partridge pheasant, mountain cottontail, pygmy rabbit, snowshoe hare, and red squirrel.


Statewide upland game management goals are refined by measurable objectives and a recommended suite of strategies that can be used to accomplish each objective. They were developed to take into account stakeholder opinions and desires, agency resources, and resource opportunities and challenges. These objectives and strategies form the foundation for future annual work plans and budget requests.


Upland game resources vary across Idaho, and each Region has an opportunity to emphasize the outstanding resources provided within their boundaries. This emphasis does not preclude working to improve habitat or management for other species, but highlights the unique or outstanding opportunities found within each Region.

These regional variations are included within the plan. 

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[PDF 2.8 MB, 95 pages]

Public Comment Instructions

We welcome comments for any part or all of the upland game management plan. Please review the plan and acknowledge if you generally support, support with concerns, or do not support. Please address items of support or concern in the "general comments" section.

Referrals to specific sections or pages in the plan, are very helpful.

Thank you for your participation!

Public comment period closes at end of day on February 19, 2019