Draft Idaho Moose Management Plan 2020-2025: Comment Opportunity


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Idaho Fish and Game is seeking comments on its Idaho Moose Management Plan 2020-2025. This draft guidance document covers how the Department will implement research and management actions to protect and manage Idaho moose populations. It will also guide harvest season recommendations.

Review the draft plan below and submit comments by January 12, 2020. The final draft of the plan will be presented for the Commission's approval at the March meeting.

Idaho Moose Management Plan 2020-2025 Overview

This plan is designed to provide guidance for Fish and Game staff and partners to protect and manage Idaho’s moose populations over the next six years.

Statewide moose management direction includes:

  • Increase knowledge of moose survival, recruitment, habitat use, genetics and the impacts of disease, habitat changes, predation, and recreational activities.
  • Improve the quality of moose population monitoring data to better evaluate population trends. Create guidelines for moose translocations in Idaho.
  • Collaborate with private landowners and land management agencies to incorporate measures in land use and resource management plans that benefit moose.
  • Provide harvest opportunity while maintaining stable to increasing moose populations statewide.



bull moose in a stream September 2010
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[PDF 2.7 MB, 103 pages]

Public Comment Instructions

We welcome comments for any part or all of the Idaho Moose Management Plan 2020-2025. Please review the plan and acknowledge if you generally support, support with concerns, or do not support. Address items of support or concern in the "general comments" section.

Referrals to specific sections or pages in the plan, are very helpful.

Thank you for your participation!

Public comment period closes at end of day on January 12, 2020