Salmon Big Game Season Proposals 2019-2020


These proposals and comment forms are split into sections by animals in each region: Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Mountain Lion, Black Bear, Gray Wolf. 

For each section, please leave comments relative to the information on that page. There is a comment box for "General Comments" on the contact page.

Only changes to hunts (including hunts that are removed or added) are shown on this proposal. All other hunts are proposed to remain unchanged from 2017-18.

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Comment Period Closes 2/24/2019
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Salmon Region

Proposed Changes for the 2019-2020 Big Game Seasons


  • No changes


  • Address cities of Salmon and Challis chronic deer conflicts; inconsistent general season antlered hunting dates in Unit 37; recovering populations from 2016 and 2017 winter mortality events; private land youth hunts under subscribed (hunter recruitment); maintain compatible general season dates with adjacent regions, and align a late season antlered deer hunt with more opportunity.


  • Address chronic private land depredations, improve sportsmen/landowner/public relations, simplify antlerless elk hunt season structure, Pioneer Zone population control, hunter access and experience, promote family and friends and youth hunting opportunities, and provide additional antlered elk hunting opportunity.
  • The Salmon B tag is capped at 2,507 and current non-resident allocation is 33% of the total cap. Both resident and non-resident tags are selling out quickly each year and non-resident participation continues to be a concern from residents who participate in this hunt. To provide additional B tag opportunity for residents we are reducing the allocation of non-resident tags on the B tag from the current allocation of 33% to 25%. This reduction would result in a removal of 203 non-resident tags and shift them into the resident pool beginning with the 2020 hunting season.


  • No changes


  • Address inconsistent hunting season dates across the region, and harvest concerns in Units 29, 30, 30A, 36A, 37 and 37A
  • Standardize “Dogs Prohibited” season dates across the region


  • Address inconsistent season dates across the region, and harvest concerns in Units 21A and 36B
  • Standardize “Dogs Prohibited” season dates across the region


  • Address chronic livestock depredation concerns and inconsistent trapping dates and methods of take across the region