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2019 Sage-Grouse Season Scoping Proposal


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Opportunity for public comment: July 29  - August 18, 2019.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game and our partners monitor sage-grouse breeding populations by counting males at leks each spring. A lek is a traditional display area, which is typically located in an open area in or adjacent to sagebrush-dominated habitats. Statewide, lek counts indicate a 25% decline in males at leks in spring 2019, compared to 2018. Sage-grouse numbers are down 52% from the peak counts in 2016.

These data indicate that most sage-grouse populations can be hunted at the “Restrictive” level, as defined in the 2006 Conservation Plan for the Greater Sage-grouse in Idaho. However, our data also indicates caution in some areas north of the Snake River and in part of Owyhee County.

The sage-grouse hunting season would be open on September 21-22 for the 2-day season and September 21-27 for the 7-day season.

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Idaho Fish and Game welcomes your comments for the 2019 sage-grouse season.