MK Nature Center Events

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  • Mar10

    Wildlife Weekend Public Program-Beaver Chew

    Beavers are our largest rodent. They have some neat features that help them survive. Come learn about beavers and build a beaver dam of your own. Free. Donations Encouraged. This program is designed for families with children 3-13 years old. 

  • Mar13

    Evening Lecture for Adults: Federal Lands 101: Protecting Resources

    Dennis McLane will teach us about the constitutional foundation and historical evolution of the agencies that provide protection to our federal land and resources. How did Federal land come to be and should we change it?

  • Mar26

    Evening Lecture for Adults: A Thriving Future for Boise...and the World

    The Nature Conservancy is working here in Idaho and around the world to protect the lands and waters on which all life depends. Today’s global environmental challenges like climate change are affecting our land, water, and way of life right here at home. Bas Hargrove will share some of the ways that the Conservancy is working to help people and nature thrive here in Boise, around the West, and around the World.Information on how to get involved with the Nature Conservancy, and upcoming opportunities will also be available.

  • Apr14

    Wildlife Weekend Public Program for Families-EGGS!

    Spring is here! Come learn about all kinds of eggs. Bird eggs, insect eggs, fish eggs, and candy eggs. Did you know rabbits don't lay eggs? Hunt for different animal eggs at the MK Nature Center while learning about how they are the same and how they are different from each other. This program is designed for families with kids ages 3-13 years and will be an open-house-style format. Free (donations encouraged). 

  • Apr25

    Evening Lecture for Adults: Raptor Identification

    Ornithologist Bryce Robinson will help us identify all those raptors that look alike. Ah, but by the end of this class, you will be able to tell the difference. Come find out that there is more in the sky than Red-tailed hawks!

  • Apr27

    Native Plant Sale

    The Treasure Valley's best native plant sale! Come shop native plants and talk to plant experts. Native plants use less water, attract native animals, and provide great habitat! 

  • Apr27

    Spring Wildlife Celebration

    Something for the whole family. Enjoy over 15 educational booths and activities. $3.00/person.10 am-4 pm.

  • May19

    Wildlife Weekend Public Program for Families-Worm's World

    Worms are so! Learn about the secret lives of they live and why we need them! This program is designed for families with kids ages 3-13 and is an open -house style format. Free (donations encouraged). 

  • May20

    Evening Lecture Series: The White Sturgeon

    Idaho Fish and Game's Natural Resource Program Manager, Martin Koenig will tell us about the natural history of the white sturgeon. This captivating fish has been on the earth a long time. Find out how it lives, where it lives and the current conservation challenges for this charismatic species.