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Project WILD teacher in Chinook trap with fish
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For more information about any of the workshops or seminars, including registration details,
contact Lori Adams, Project WILD Coordinator, at (208) 863-3236 or by e-mail.

Is your child lucky enough to have a WILD teacher? If so, that teacher has attended a Project WILD workshop somewhere in the state, or even the country, for that matter! Project WILD is an international program, which in Idaho is offered through the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. At workshops, teachers learn ways to easily incorporate wildlife and ecological concepts into a subject they are already teaching. Wildlife is a tool that gets the kids excited about learning!

The goal of Project WILD is to assist learners of any age in the development of awareness, knowledge and skills towards responsible behavior and constructive action for wildlife and the environment. Educational activity guides provide information and projects on topics like these:

  • the appreciation of wildlife;
  • human values and wildlife;
  • wildlife and ecological systems;
  • wildlife conservation;
  • cultural and social interaction with wildlife;
  • wildlife issues and trends;
  • wildlife and responsible human actions

Each activity in the book includes a statement of the instructional objectives, a description of the instructional methods employed, background information for instructors and lists of any materials needed.

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Visit the National Project WILD website to learn more about the history and background of this innovative program.

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