About Papillomas (Warts)

Warts in animals are caused by Papillomaviruses.
Signs Of Disease
Warts can be found any part of the body, but are more common on the head, face and neck. In deer, the warts appear as dark lumps that vary in size from 0.5 to 6 inches in diameter. There may occur as single or multiple warts and their surface texture may be rough or smooth. Affected animals are usually in good body condition. In coyotes and wolves, the warts occur on the lips and mouth and affected animals are usually thin or emaciated.
Where is Disease Found?
Warts are common on many species of animals throughout North America. Warts have been documented on the skin of moose, deer and elk throughout Idaho.
How Can I Protect Myself?
Warts from animals are not transmissible to humans.
Samples to Collect
If there is concern about this condition, contact a conservation officer or an Idaho Department of Fish and Game Regional Office. Appropriate samples can be collected for testing if deemed necessary.
Can I Eat The Meat?
Meat from infected animals can be consumed by humans. Trim off the parts of the skin that contain the warts.
What is IDFG doing to help manage this disease?:

There are no preventive or control measures that are available to practically manage warts in wildlife.