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Idaho Fish and Game

Backcountry officers on horseback / Photo by Glenn Oakley

Information for Conservation Officer Job Seekers - Interview process


So, when can I interview?

A rough time frame for the hiring process to become an Idaho conservation officer. Because this is a law enforcement career, our process is lengthy and exhaustive. We want to hire the best!


  • Applications for Conservation Officer positions are accepted over the course of several months with the deadline usually being September 30th. When application period is open, a link to the written application can be found on the Idaho Fish and Game Website under About Us/Employment.
    • The application process does not open if no vacancies exist, but most years it is open.
    • After the closing date, all applications are graded to establish a hiring roster. New Idaho Department of Human Resources laws do not allow score results to be released to applicants.


  • In mid-November, applicants who score high enough on the hiring roster are invited to participate in a remote video interview with enforcement staff - a short opportunity for us to meet potential candidates.
    • Top performers in the video interviews are invited to the mid-December assessment center; our formal interview process which occurs at our Boise headquarters. All candidates spend a full day getting various skill sets tested.
  • At the conclusion of the assessment week, conditional hiring offers are made to fill existing vacancies. A comprehensive background check on each candidate starts as soon as conditional hiring offers are made.
  • In January the following year, conditional candidates spend a week in Boise undergoing a polygraph exam, a psychological exam, a medical exam and taking a physical fitness test which includes a 1.5-mile run, 300 yard dash, vertical jump, sit-ups and push-ups.
  • Upon successful completion of those tests and the background check, formal hiring offers and duty locations are extended to candidates.


  • New hires start a week of orientation and training in March and report for duty to their assigned areas.
  • POST academy in Meridian starts in early to mid-May and new hires are there until August (14 weeks).
  • Upon the completion of the POST academy, probationary officers start a ten week long Field Training and Evaluation period to specifically address the skill set of an Idaho Fish and Game conservation officer. The FTO training usually concludes in December, a year after the job interviews took place.